From marquees to bespoke and innovative systems, we work with a wide range of materials and styles, including timber, aluminium, steel and fabric, to create elegant and practical temporary demountable structures for a range of sporting, leisure, commercial, and public events.

We work with specialist and general building contractors to deliver a variety of bespoke engineering and design services for all types of temporary demountable structures, providing an efficient solution to the demand for rapid setup, non-disruptive installation, and easy reconfigurability.

What We Do

Specialist advice on the unique requirements for temporary buildings, including building codes and structural standards for the UK and international jurisdictions.

Workable and buildable structural designs that prioritise buildability and cost-effectiveness.

We combine the knowledge of past approaches to lightweight structures with the incorporation of new technologies and processes, to create more reliable and innovative temporary demountable structural solutions. Our hundreds of projects over the years range from small-scale event structures to the largest ever demountable building for an Olympic Games. 

Committed To Quality

A bespoke personalised design engineering service with clear and open communication between client and engineer. 

We cover all elements of design, including drawings, calculations, and reports, and can also advise on fabrication, construction, and installation methodology for new systems, and on how best to manage the built structure after installation – e.g., to manage wind loads.

A commitment to creativity and innovation, with a proven record of thinking outside the box to deliver truly one-of-a-kind lightweight and/or tensile structures.

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