With experience working on a wide range of temporary works projects across the UK, our team have the skills and capabilities to design and advise on all types of temporary works used in construction, demolition, and renovation projects.

This can range from structural safety and support structures used during works – e.g. designing scaffolding, hoardings, and propping –  to the formwork and structural support systems used during complex demolitions.

What We Do

We work with building and demolition contractors and are committed to long-term cost-effective relationships covering all elements of temporary works engineering, including:

  • Site assessments
  • Reports
  • Consultancy and advice on methodology
  • Calculations
  • 3D modelling
  • Technical drawings
  • And more...

Our team will work with you to oversee the design of your temporary works to ensure that they meet safety and quality standards and deliver an efficient service, and we can also advise you on the best temporary works strategy for a specific need.

What sets us apart from many other temporary works engineering specialists in the UK is our expertise in unique and non-standard temporary works projects, especially in the demolitions, renovations and heritage sectors.

Case study: HMS Victory

One of our most unique temporary works projects involved lifting the 30-metre-tall mast out of HMS Victory during the renovation works in 2021. The project involved designing special bespoke lifting equipment, as standard supporting systems were not suitable for the purpose. We worked closely with the National Museum of the Royal Navy to conceive and plan a bespoke lifting operation. We were also responsible for conducting a detailed assessment of the historic mast structure to ensure that it would not get damaged during the lift.

We are able to take on unique temporary works projects that require a large amount of creative thinking and innovation to deliver a one-of-a-kind or non-standard solution – and draw on our wide-ranging structural engineering experience to bring design and analysis skills to the project that are not always traditionally associated with temporary works engineering. We are also specialists in historic and heritage structures, making us the ideal choice for temporary works engineering projects in the heritage sector.

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