At Fenton Holloway, we have widespread experience in the design of sports and leisure centres, utilising our expertise in long-span building design and tensile structures to deliver facilities that are functional and cost-efficient, yet instantly pleasing to the eye. 

It is vital that modern stadia and sports centres reflect the soaring ambitions of their clubs or the aspirations of their communities, so we work tirelessly to create modern aesthetic designs that are instantly recognisable but remain within planned budgets.

Awe-Inspiring Sporting Venues For Aspirational Clubs And Communities

Uncovered sports centres, which exposed competitors and spectators to the elements in the depths of winter, are mercifully a thing of the past. Today’s sports arenas are eye-catching and ergonomic, with partial or full roofing systems that are as much a standout feature of the design as a functional way to protect spectators from the weather.

As experts in tensile fabrics, we have extensive experience in incorporating these within the overall design of sports centres and stadia. Tensile fabrics offer significant advantages over other materials, being lighter, cheaper, and more aesthetically pleasing, enabling us to create stunning designs within your budget.

We are proud to deliver iconic developments for the sporting sector, including:

  • Football training centres and covered pitches
  • Tennis centres
  • Basketball stadia
  • Indoor and outdoor athletics arenas
  • Swimming pools
  • Leisure centres
  • School sports halls
  • Multipurpose indoor arenas

Who We Work With

To make important strategic development decisions, it is important that our clients are fully informed of the design and construction of their planned projects from the outset. Through consultation, we will provide comprehensive advice about all aspects of the process, from conceptual thinking to practical considerations, such as the size of the building or foundation requirements.

Following the consultation, we provide a full design service to help our clients to achieve optimal efficiency and ensure that the construction project is feasible within the defined parameters. We produce striking visual designs, expert advice on structural possibilities, and estimates of costs.

Our partners include architects who work within the field of sports centre development and require a structural engineering specialist on their team with vast experience and knowledge of these unique kinds of structures. We also work with specialist contractors in sports construction and directly with clubs and associations and are open to invitations of interest for projects within the UK and overseas.

Our sports centre portfolio includes the London 2012 Basketball Arena, Chelsea FC Training Hall, Wolverhampton Wanderers Academy Arena, and Freestyle Park in Moscow.


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