At Fenton Holloway, we provide innovative and cost-effective engineering solutions for a wide range of buildings, including niche and bespoke buildings, and structures with complex geometry. 

By drawing upon our extensive experience, technical expertise, and creative approach to problem-solving, we deliver exceptional design solutions for an array of construction and redevelopment projects, from conventional to geometrically intricate buildings.

No Project Is Beyond Our Imagination Or Capability

Whether we are designing newbuild or reimagining existing spaces, we employ the latest advanced structural engineering design techniques and processes to achieve outstanding results that are grounded in a rigorous evaluation of construction methods, materials, resources, costs, and risks.

We are happy to undertake traditional building projects in any sector and also possess the technical skills, knowledge, and technologies to design highly complex geometrical and multifaceted buildings that balance aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. 

  • Traditional structures
  • Innovative structures
  • Long-span structures
  • Multi-storey buildings
  • Historic building restoration
  • Temporary demountable buildings
  • Iconic landmarks

Where unique specifications are sought as part of a building project, such as exposed steelwork, architectural staircases, or swimming pools, we can incorporate these into the designs.

Our Building Design & Engineering Services

By choosing Fenton Holloway, you’ll have access to a highly skilled and experienced team of structural design engineers who are committed to working with architects to create visually striking buildings. 

As design-focused structural engineers, we give equal thought to the aesthetics and functionality of every building structure. Our designs are the culmination of a detailed process that considers every element of the build and produces inspirational, practical, and safe designs while meeting the social and functional needs of their users. 

As part of our design services, we:

  • Design buildings to strictly comply with modern building codes.
  • Support preliminary work to produce initial conceptual ideas and designs, focusing on feasibility, affordability, and sustainability.
  • Complete all necessary reports, surveys, calculations, and drawings using cutting-edge 3D modelling and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software.
  • Utilise our Building Information Modelling (BIM) capabilities to comply with BIM requirements where necessary.
  • Minimise risk at all stages of the build through our detailed understanding of construction.
  • Offer a more personalised level of service than larger companies, taking into account your project’s priorities and needs.
Bespoke Building Design Services

Our Vision

At Fenton Holloway, we aim to provide the highest quality of service for our clients, architects and building owners, by devising suitable and economically viable engineering solutions for even the most challenging design briefs.

Through a personalised process of design, review, and analysis, we aim to create unique structures that meet our clients’ exacting needs while using the planet’s natural resources in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Our buildings impact and transform communities by delivering long-lasting and profound designs in urban and rural landscapes alike.

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