756 Identically Shaped Aluminium Panels

The spectacular envelope of the Leeds University MSCP uses a total of 756 identically shaped aluminium panels to simulate the undulating “free-form” shape envisaged by the architect. Our experience in FE structural analysis and complex 3D-modelling allowed us to design and detail all the elements of the envelope, including the hyperbolic paraboloid panels and the entire supporting substructure.

University Of Leeds Long 1
University Of Leeds Square 1
University Of Leeds Long 2

An Impressive 25m Tall

The ground level of the 25m-tall building is covered by a tensioned mesh greenwall system which was also designed by Fenton Holloway. With a total envelope area of over 4000m2, this innovative façade required a close collaboration with the specialist façade contractor to develop a simple, easy-to-build system, which also achieved the distinct aesthetic effect which was sought by the architect.

University Of Leeds Square 2
University Of Leeds Square 3 (1)

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